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Bella, Edward and Jacob from ‘Twilight’ to ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′

Now, let’s look at Bella, Edward and Jacob from Twilight to Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Which is your favorite Bella, Edward or Jacob?

I think they all look great.  There’s an innocence and youthful look to Bella in Twilight.  You can see her mature in the photos.  Pea coat Edward will always be in my heart, but I love Breaking Dawn Part 2 Edward.  New Moon Jacob is my favorite.  *cough* shirtless *cough*

Starting to get a little emotional here. *sniff*

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  • Mary_Pat

    I fell in love with Twilight Edward and he will always be my favorite. Bella is fantastic and Vampire Bella. Jacob looks great in all of them.

  • Lill

    I just heard someone has the 7min clip and they are soon going to post them .

  • Tara

    Edward went from bada** to soccer dad….what happened he used to be so sexy and dangerous…

  • twilightgirl93sab

    My favourite was and will always be taylor lautner as jacob…but i can’t get along without saying that kristen was getting more beautiful from movie to movie, particular as a vampire…

  • caro

    I love Bella’s look in New Moon . In BD 2 she looks so hot.
    Edward looks the best in Twilight <3 and BD 1 (really sexy ). ;F
    Jacob doesn't change ;p

  • Mary Masen

    Twilight, New Moon, BD1 & BD2 Bella
    Twilight , BD1 & BD2 Edward
    New Moon, BD1 & BD2 Jacob
    These guys (along with the actors who play them) will forever be part of me –
    Maybe I should get a small tattoo saying “Forever” in the future- It’s the BD2 tagline and has such a special meaning no matter how you see it. :)

  • CharliesStache

    Edward looked the best in Twilight, just maybe not in this picture. I haven’t really swooned over him since the first movie.

  • Jennyfer

    I liked New Moon Bella the best, at least the human version of Bella, obviously BD2 Bella looks hot and gorgeous as she was meant to.
    I prefer BD1 and BD2 Edward better than all the lastest versions. The first one was horrid, they all were; I mean not blaming the actors, just the bad quality pale make-up! Edward has improved from movie to movie (IMO)
    And last but not least i think New Moon’s Jacob looked the hottest!!!! And twilight’s Jacob the ugliest.
    And to sum it it up, BD2 is where they will look the best for sure! :)

  • Red

    I love New Moon Bella and BD pt 2 Vamp. Twilight and BD Edward and New Moon Jacob…I mean he kinda looks the same in all of them except Twilight :P so I guess all of them?

  • Lux

    I have to say that both Bella and Edward from Twilight are the most faithful to the characters. Bella with that human frailty as opposed to the mysterious Edward and dangerous. What attracted me at first. I’m not saying that they were not look good in the other movies, but I think than some of that, was disfiguring. But that fidelity to the characters, is back in BD2, with a at all fragile Bella, with a fiercely powerful, and with an Edward, willing to protect his family at the expense of whatever.

    I think Jacob, meanwhile, looks better in NM, because that is where we saw his transformation, a very marked. But in BD is fine too.

    Well, this is the way I see.

    Kisses from Argentina.

  • Lux

    Of course, and this deserves a special explanation, I never forget Edward in Volterra! Definitely, the best!

  • klayrahx7

    omg i never really noticed but Bella and Edward look so hurt while Jacob looks triumphant in the New Moon shots! totally portrays the story!

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    I never noticed it either!

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    Yeah, that pic of Edward wasn’t my favorite, but his face is forward and it was the promo pic for him, so I used it. Nothing beats Edward looking at Bella when he stopped the van in Twilight. I still swoon over that. That look he gives her. *swoon*

  • Live_Love_Forbidden_Apple

    I’m caught between the Twilight Bella and the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Bella. Both have their attributes. The Twilight Bella looks so fragile and… human. Yet like a beauty. Like a Bella. My FAVORITE Edward has to be HANDS DOWN… New Moon Edward. He just looks so hot and just… masculine. The jaw, the eyes, the suit. My favorite Jacob would also have to be New Moon. It shows his innocense almost. His youth yknow before the whole werewold shinanigins happened. Overall. I was pretty pleased with pictures. But it just made me so sad at the same time… Yknow to see all the pictures there from every movie.
    Its almost as if a big smack across the face like to tell you that its ending. My only reason for even dealing with people for the past 5 years. Is ending. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when its over… -starts pondering-

  • Alexis

    Wow. These should definitley be posters. I would buy them!
    Edward- Eclipse
    Jacob- Everything =)
    Bella- Breaking Dawn Part 2

  • Jos613

    Surprised to say Jacob was the one that changed the least:/ especially wen he was the one that was suposed to changge the most and everyone else is not supposed change

  • Frida

    His face changed the least, take a look at his body and u can not say the same :P

  • Frida

    Twilight Bella is the most beautiful and fragile one, really true to how she’s supposed to be but I also think she gains confidence throughout the story and that kinda shows in the pictures. And of course she’s badass as a vampire (her mouth bothers me though, it looks very high up but that’s just this image :P ) But I will always love Twilight Bella :)

    Edward looks the most alien in Twilight, he really looks fierce and those cheekbones… wow! I must say he looks more and more “human” in the other pictures but in BD2 he looks pretty fierce again with those eyes :D

    Jacob, besides him looking very innocent in Twilight there’s not a big different in his face, but if u take a look at his body, wow what a transformation! He had a nice body before but now he’s buff ;P He looks very determined in BD1 which I really like cause that was a big challenge for him and took a lot out of him

    and that’s what I think :P

  • iamnotcreative

    Twilight Edward will always have my heart.

  • hot_for_rob

    Bella – twilight and bd 2
    Edward – twilight and bd 2
    Jacob – both bd’s

  • Amber eyes

    I always thought they all, (including The Cullens) looked their best in “New Moon”. It is, and always will be my favorite of the franchise. So much emotion, it was the only one that made me cry. The songs picked for the soundtrack were awesome. The beautiful original soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat really helped to convey the heartbreak throughout that part of the story. Chris Weitz did an amazing job directing, stayed very true to the book, and I wish he and Desplat had been the ones to do BD 1&2.

  • mirandathevampgirlpgirl

    Mail.comI don’t think I can find better words to describe them the way you have

  • Meree

    Bella- Twilight. Bella Vampire-we only have BD2 to pick. Edward- New Moon, Eclipse made him look feminine (Interview w/ a Vampire Tom Cruise feminine) and the tent scene he looked like a chubby Elvis in the face. Jacob- he look the same in all. Carlisle- Twilight. Esme-Twilight. Emmet-Twilight. Rosalie-Twilight. Jasper-Eclipse. Alice-Twilight. Their suppose to stand out, not make you want to run the other way and call the National Guard because monsters have invaded your town.

  • lily19_bella

    It does feel like a smack in the face. Like no mor are gonna come out

  • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

    Please post in on this thread the moment you find it.

  • DearJacob_I_Win_SincrlyEdwrd

    Bella- Twilight, although I liked her look in New Moon and BD1 as well (she looked so cute with a tan)
    Edward- Twilight (without a doubt)
    Carlisle- Twilight (also without a doubt)
    Esme- Twilight
    Alice- Twilight
    Emmett- He looks good in all of them
    Rosalie- Twilight
    Jasper- Twilight (again without a doubt, during that baseball seen, ow owww!)
    Jacob- New Moon

    As you can see, most of mine is Twilight. And that’s because they didn’t go crazy with the makeup. Everything was subtle. I loved the blue tint in that movie, I feel like that helped too. Also, Peter and Nikki dyed their hair for Twilight, which really helped. I mean, Carlisle was HOT in that movie! Bella looked the most Bella-ish (in my opinion) in the Twilight scene where she is talking to Edward for the first time in their biology class. She looked sooo Bella there. I loved everything about Twilight. The right feel, the right look, the right music. That’s how I got hooked!

  • 5ctBauble

    Eurgh this is hard!!

    Bella: im torn between Twilight and BD2…the young lamb or the fierce vamp!? but her hair and make up was the best in New Moon

    Edward: Twilight…hands down! Yes his eyebrows were too perfect but dayum did he look hot in the peacoat!!!

    Jake: Eclipse…no sign of the wig on him in that one! =D

  • pyroprincess89

    I’ll just say my least favorites for all of them… Bella – did NOT like Eclipse because of that blasted wig. Edward – he’s good in all of them. Jacob – did NOT like the Twilight one because, I’m sorry, but Taylor should NOT have long hair… he just can’t pull that look off right.

  • TLautner-Tracers

    I am so happy that Taylor was cast as Jacob! Taylor played a major role in helping Twilight Saga success!

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    Bella in New Moon was my fave too! Pea coat Edward’s eyebrows! I like the sideburns in Eclipse. LOL! I like Jacob in New moon. ;)

  • Switzerland

    THANK YOU!!! Your description of the artistry of the first Twilight movie is EXACTLY how I have always felt about the first movie :-) I think the SCRIPT did not follow the book as well the other movies, HOWEVER, it is so very pure (just like how the books are!). I think the fact that it was not expected to be a big hit that there was not so much pressure to have everything perfect and because of a lack of “hype” for the movie, the creative direction (the blue tint, the makeup, the clothes, the amazing and haunting soundtrack, etc.) reached an amazing level where I can ACTUALLY believe that “Twilight” exists….when I watch the other movies (I love them all!), I feel like I am watching a movie, but with the first one, I actually FEEL like everything is tangible and EXACTLY what I feel when I read the books. Your description of that particular Bio class is where I think Kristen and Rob REALLY nailed the characters….ok, so I got a bit off track, but more or less what I just said is why I think all of costumes, makeup, etc. from the first Twilight characters are what I think are the best :-)

  • DearJacob_I_Win_SincrlyEdwrd

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels that way! I agree about the script, but jeez, like you said, the first Twilight made you FEEL like Twilight is a real world. It just made me feel something so strong, like nothing I’ve ever experienced with any other movie. After I saw the movies I read the books so many times, too many times to count. Anyway, (haha I’m getting off topic too!) I agree with you about the low budget thing. It was almost like an indie movie. There wasn’t so much pressure. Sometimes the simpler, the better. They toned down the film with simple makeup, simple set design, simple surroundings, toned down colors, that way the acting/the story really, really shined. It made the movie powerful. And I can’t forget to mention the music. The music should have won an Oscar. I’ve never heard such an amazing soundtrack for a movie, it was absolutely perfect. Like you said, “haunting.” Nothing can match that!

  • Lux

    The right music, yeah!! I’ve heard that soundtrack like a million times! Collective Soul, Muse, Iron & Wine, and the score … I still get goosebumps when I hear it. And do not forget that painful voice of Robert in “Let Me Sing” *sighs*…

    But NM also had a good music: Thom Yorke, Death For The Cutie, Bon Iver & St Vincent, The Killers …

  • ryder

    I’m so with you guys! Twilight hit the mark. The script may have been off, but according to sources it was supposed to be really more away from the book than what we saw and Catherine H. and Kristen insisted it stick more to the book, so it was rewritten. Thankfully, or else it would’ve been another Eragon. A huge literary success, but only one movie because it didn’t follow the book series. . . Anyways, I digress. I will always love the feel, the music and the characters and their visual presentation in Twilight. Once again, Catherine Hardwick hit it right on the mark. A woman knows what we women fans wanted. I do think Bill did an incredible job with the final films, but I miss Edward looking like Edward. But, Rob’s so handsome we overlooked it. The only one I liked better after Twilight was Rose in Eclipse. When she’s standing on the balcony in the moonlight, she looked like a goddess. But, Jasper playing baseball in Twilight, Mmmmmm, what a hottie. And, Carlisle was so handsome, I forgot about Edward for a few minutes when he walked in for his first scene. Nevertheless, I’d be remiss to miss saying, Kristen is flawless as a vampire, in both color eyes. Simply gorgeous.

  • ryder


  • Switzerland

    Dear DearJacob_I_Win_SincrlyEdwrd & Ryder:
    Wow! I KNEW I was not alone in my musings :-) I could honestly go on and ON about my strong feelings for the first Twilight movie (and all things Twilight, too!)….I want to make it clear that I L.O.V.E. all the books/movies equally, HOWEVER I find myself watching the first movie and listening to the first sdtrk and score WAAAAY more than the others because it is in those very moments where Twilight feels the most tangible and ALIVE to me! Again, I LOVE all the movies, sdtrks, scores, directors, etc. however, I just think that after the first Twilight movie became soooo popular, HOLLYWOOD decided to become involved and while Hollywood has provided such great entertainment, movies, etc. I just think that it became a bit less “Twilight”….less Stephenie Meyer..does that make sense? It just seems that from New Moon on, everything seemed to look and feel almost TOO perfect and that is where I lose SOME of the magic that is Twilight….for example, some have complained of the lack of quality of the camera shots in the first movie, but I kind of like it that way because it gives me the sensation of seeing something that I could actually see in real life (i.e. KIND of like watching a home movie for lack of a better comparison)..thank you, Ryder for the insight of how Catherine (and K.S.) wanted to follow more of the book. I would also like to add another little known fact is that she, C.H., has said in an interview that I have read myself saying that they were doing Twilight during the writers’ strike and had to wrap up production a lot earlier than anticipated so she had to rush the movie which made her feel that Twilight’s quality was not where she wanted it to be. Ok, I have written a BIBLE of a comment here, but I do want to say one more thing….Rob (and his hair) is the BEST in the first one (everyone else as well)…he looked like he could have been a “real” vampire and his hair was EXACTLY how I felt SM described it!!! I think the make-up and costume teams NAILED it during the scene where Bella goes to the Cullen house for the first time (LOVE Rose’s highlights, Esme’s hair was right on, etc.)…and MY MOST FAVORITE SCENE is when “Claire de lune” is playing and Edward gives Bella his PERFECT crooked smile and then they play in the trees where Carter Burwell’s PERFECT song (have you read the story behind that? Go on his website—don’t just read the cd jacket!) makes my heart just smile :-) Oh, I KNOW what movie I am going to watch tonight :-)

    p.s. I am 30, I teach at a Univ. , married, and I am NOT like my 14 yr old cousin who loves Twilight because her hormones tell her to! :-) I really love Twilight because of its pureness AND I have colleagues that are in their 40s and LOVE Twilight too!

  • Switzerland

    I wrote about your comment below Ryder’s comment :-)

  • Switzerland

    Thank you for this great post and to all the interesting comments below! I would just like to say that while this post is quite fun and intriguing, it just reminds me of a small annoyance I have with Hollywood: Whenever there are sequels of movies that involve different directors, instead of thinking of COHERENCE in the esthetics of the characters, it gives me the impression that when a NEW makeup team is hired (albeit their talent) they are trying to “out do” the previous team’s work. Does that make sense? Let’s just say Jasper’s and Alice’s “hair” have been the victim of this “effect”. I mean, come on! S.M.’s vampires, once changed, can NOT change in length or color :-) Ok! Off my soapbox now….

  • bluebird

    I love the clumsy and innocent Bella Swan in Twilight! and of course… Edward in his cute pea coat! Eclipse is okay, New Moon also okay! The Breaking Dawn part 1 did not justify my honeymoon expectations. Bill Condon is not like Catherine Hardwicke, maybe its just because all the directors after Hardwicke are all males. Hardwicke’s TWILIGHT is so romantic, she captured Edward and Bella’s feelings on screen! The other 3 series are all sort of robotics, the directors failed to maintain the love story between Edward and Bella from TWILIGHT. Hope the last of the TWILIGHT SAGA, BREAKING DAWN part 2 will not dissapoint the fans!

  • kerbear585

    i love them all and love how they have transformed throughout the whole series. they did an amazing job making them seem more grown throughout them all!

  • ryder

    I so agree with you. My favorite Edward moment will always be in his bedroom, when he says he can “always make her dance” in Twilight. And, then the “you better hang on tight, Spider-monkey”. That sly, sexy look in his eyes makes my heart race every time and I’m in my 40s.

  • Jennyfer

    Agree Bella’s new moon and BD1 are my faves. Edward’s BD1 too, he looked young and sexy, extremely hot during the honeymoon! the rest of the Cullens looked best in New Moon, especially Esme! they have ruined her look in the other movies, she looked sophisticated, elegant and very much of a vampire! I liked Eclipse’s Rosalie and Alice too

  • Switzerland

    @ryder: Ha! Good to know there are others in my age bracket commenting on these blogs :-) Also, yes! My heart, too, races every time he says those two phrases (although, I would be ok without with “spider-monkey”! ha!) with that sly, sexy look in his eyes and crooked smile :-/

  • vallybutterfly

    It’s nice to hear people feel the same that I do about the first movie. The colors, the music, their makeup, hair, they all looked better in the first movie for sure. Edward and Bella seemed more natural. Using a different director for every book sure didnt help Twilight. If it hadnt been for the first director, Twighlight the movie wouldnt exist. She’s the one who had a script written from the book, she’s the one who pitched the movie to big film production companies, who all turned her down. I bet Paramount’s big wigs are kicking themselves now. The movies could have been so much better from the beginning had a bigger production co bought the rights.

  • Switzerland

    @twitter-383285734:disqus : Thanks for your comment and I,too, am happy to hear there are other fans who have appreciated the first Twilight :-) I think we should form a “support” group for us since we are a small population :-)

  • John ferrari
  • John ferrari
    released the fULL BEGGINING!! 7 MINUTES

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