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Behind The Scenes of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′: Charging Toward The Epic Battle

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Here’s a behind the scenes look at Breaking Dawn Part 2 filming the charging toward the epic battle. Makes you appreciate our cast a little more. That’s a lot of takes running full speed! On the fake snow! In all those clothes! LOL!

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  • Jay

    Bless, poor Siobhan trailing behind lol. Kristen looks so badass when she is running.

  • MC

    Lmao!! What a workout!! I can’t believe they weren’t in a field!! That’s looked so real!!

  • Mary Masen

    Wow! The post-production unit really did wonders! Noone could have guessed it was all green screen had it not been for the interviews! It looks so cool!!
    And no wonder after filming everything seemed green to the cast and crew! These green screens are huge and everywhere! Just wow! I can’t believe they were filming in that storage room for over 6 weeks! I would have gone crazy! But it did pay off. The battle scene looks spectacular!

  • mary pat

    Love these Behind the Scenes glimpses !

  • nenaangelica

    Love this!!! I’ve been watching the special features of all the Twilight movies these past few days!! can’t wait to the final all 5 movie DVD package to come out!!! Do we think they’ll release it in February like last year?

  • Aida Spain

    They had to be exhausted!How many times did they repeat this?

  • leahreallyitis

    I want too thank everyone who was assoicated with the Saga:

    Stephanie Meyer: thank you for writing a beautiful love story and thank you for making me feel like a woman all over again

    Catherine Hardwick: thank you for bringng the charaters too life

    Robert Pattinson: you were amazing as Edward Cullen you stole my heart when you walked on to the screen and now it has come too a close but another door opens for future movie projects that I am so looking forward too seeing <3 thank you <3

    Peter Facinelli : you will always be Daddy C too me you are the best at playing this awesome charater and I hope too see you in other movie projects soon

    Elizabeth Reaser: you ROCK sista friend! as Esme Cullen and I hope too see you in other flim projects and I wish I could have met you and Peter hopefully some day I will :D

    Nikki Reed: you ROCK as Rosalie and you are also an amazing singer and I have commented on your little site and I think it is really cool and I will miss all the charaters like crazy and it was a fantastic ride and it started with sheer desperation LOL but seriously I hope too see you in other film projects

    Ashley Greene: I LOVE Alice! and you were the best at playing her I have too admit I don't want it too end but as Alice says: "It's Time" and I will continue seeing any movie you do so far I have seen Apparition it was epic! I am looking forward too seeing your movie with Alan Rickman(aka Servus Snape) thank you babe!

    Kellen Lutz: all I can say is you were the best at playing Emmett and I must say you are NOT hard too look at all! and I will see any film that you do I promise so good luck with your success and thank you :)

    Jackson Rathbone: ya ROCK bro and I saw you in San Francisco last year with other cast members at the Fillmore and you I hope you will continue with your music you are an amazing muscian and I hope too see you in some other film project or even tv :D

    Billy Burke: you were awesome as Bella's dad and your show Revolution is really cool I am hoping it gets picked up for a second season! you played Charlie Swan so brilliantly and with humor as well and you also are an amazing musican as well keep it up! and I hope you will be doing other film projects soon :)
    Taylor Launter: you were awesome as Jacob Black and good luck with your success and I hope to see more of your future film projects :)
    Mackenzie Foy: you are SO adorable and so pretty! I wish you tons of luck in your success BUT always stay true too yourself and have fun and take care <3
    Dakota Fanning: you were fierce as Jane and you played her too a "T" and I remember seeing you as a six year old and how time flies and now you are a young woman and I hope too see you soon in the theater in 2013!
    Rachelle Lever'e: you ROCKED as Victoria and they were wrong in firing you and I hope too see you in other projects soon <3
    Cam G.(sorry I don't how too spell last name LOL) you were awesome as James in Twilight and good luck with your continuing success :P
    Edi Gadget(sp?) you were very good as Laurent you ROCKED!
    Kristen Stewart: you were amazing as Bella Swan thank you
    Will: thank you for putting up this amazing site I started in 2010 on New Years Day I hope you will put a post BD site? so we can continue too come on here and comment :P
    JayPat: you ROCK thank you for posting amazing stuff on here you all work so hard I wonder whatever happen too H2B and a few other of the regulars I am surprised they have'nt stuck with it and I have that is for sure and too think it all started with a little book called Twilight :)

  • ryder

    All I have to say is, it was well worth it! My daughter and I just saw it again and we sat and cried through the battle scene all over again!! Only one word describes it all. AWESOME!
    Once again, thank you Catherine Hardwicke for your perfect casting. Without it the Twilight world never would’ve made it this far.

    And, ditto to everything Leahreallyitis said in her comments.

  • Twiheart

    Excellent tribute, Leahreallyitis. You wrote what most of us would like to say. Thanks for doing that. It was a fun ride, and will continue to be, as long as the books, audio books and DVD’s exist, it can be a Twilight World whenever we want it to be forever.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Leah you said it so well and I feel the same way. I’m surprised that some of the regulars dropped off the radar to and did stay with it to the last film. I hope Will keeps up the site to.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Agreed I think Catherine Hardwicke often doesn’t get enough credit for Twilight and the great casting and movie. Even now Twilight is still and will always be my fav. I was really glad to see Catherine at the LA premiere, she so deserved to be there and I was able to get her to sign my BD book along with the cast. I was hoping that Rachelle and Cam would be there to.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Love seeing Edward and Bella leading the battle and Bella finally getting to fight along side her family. She truly is a Cullen now.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    They did a great job with the battle scene!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Rob looked great leading them to, they both looked badass in that charge.

  • guest

    Kristen Stewart doesn’t get enough credit for what she’s done with this series. She was amazing as vampire Bella. She has defended this series throughout the entire time. You can tell how much she cares.

  • ryder

    I think everyone totally agrees with you. Kristen has been amazing throughout the entire series. You can really see her character tranform in every way possible in the final scene when she lets Edward read her thoughts. She was so stunning in the final film. My 22 year old daughter, (who reminds me so much of Kristen), and I must’ve said a hundred times how beautiful she looked and how fantastic she was with her entire personality changes into a vampire as we rewatched the movie again today. I loved how she looked when she was angry or sniffing for prey, or defending her loved ones. Kristen Stewart is the reason my daughter dragged me to the Twilight film 4 years ago. She was a huge fan of Kristen after she saw the films; Speak and Into the Wild. I even read where Kristen had a huge impact on the original screenplay being rewritten to follow the book more closely. She does seem to be a true enigma in Hollywood. An actress that cares more about her work than P.R.

  • ryder

    I’m totally jealous of you getting that autograph!! :)

    Like you, Twilight has been my favorite movie of the series. I can’t even begin to count the times I saw it at the theater and then on DVD. I was embarrassingly obsessed. This final one, however, has magically brought that old Twilight feeling back to me. I think Bill Condon went out of his way to pay attention to the details just like Catherine did. We women are sticklers for details. AS a former middle school “reading teacher” there is no doubt in my mind that without Cat Hardwick’s excellent casting, this series would’ve ended after the first film. (I saw it happen with Eragon, one of their favorite book series. They screwed up the first movie, so no more were made.) I have to say, I was very impressed that Bill Condon brought Carter Burwell back, another Catherine Hardwick casting choice. Just hearing Bella’s Lullaby makes me cry. I do love how Bill used the theme’s from New Moon and Eclipse in the opening too. Very classy to pay homage to all the composers and ALL the cast members of the series, INCLUDING BOTH Victorias, at the end!! Rachelle is still the greatest in my mind:)
    All in all, I’m thrilled for the 4 year ride, but immensely sad that it’s over, that’s why I’m babbling.

  • I<3Headboards

    Lmao i was laughing so hard when i watched this.. But really amazing job on the CGI effects. This really had me at the edge of my seat but making it must have been so funny.. Like really one hell of a work out

  • EleazarTheVampire

    i about died of laughter when Eleazar ( Christian Camargo) fell over and rolled on the ground!

  • newborneyes

    loved your comment as always thank´s for sharing it everyone here made twilight expirience better

  • PurpleHippo

    Wow Kristen and Rob are fast! That poor guy that fell, that would totally be me haha. I knew they did some filming of this scene like this with the fake snow and green screen but you would never guess it watching the movie. I’ll have to watch it again and analyze how realistic it looks. I find they do amazing work with CGI in the backgrounds.

  • Paige

    I went to see the film for the second time today with a head cold I saw it on Friday and today was my first free day I felt terrible but was still about to really enjoy the movie yes I loved kristen as a vampire her chasing after the hiker beating up Jacob did me in also when her and edward hunt climbing on the rock she does all this barefoot in a little blue dress I love how they did the twist without changing the book we still got an epic battle. Loved Mackenzie lee pace so hot Kate and Amun. Loved loved the love scene the satisfied look on rob face afterwards and him saying I do it so much better. OMG Dakota fanning just pacing during the vision battle the battle as a whole micheal sheen genius. I’m done I just had to let it all out!!!!!

  • Amber Eyes

    LOL! I know, I felt bad. Kristen can run! It was an amazing scene, and they got me alright. I was so caught up in it, I forgot that Aro had taken Alice’s hand.

  • Amber Eyes

    So well said. It is so wrong that she still gets so much hate. I have read about audiences booing when her name is shown in the credits. Why? When I saw it they clapped for Taylor’s name and Rob’s, but not hers. The barrage of nasty articles and comments has been ridiculous. And it’s still going on. I think she’s great and I hope she has a long successful career.

  • leahreallyitis

    hey! *cyber hug*! and you are welcome and I i will miss it so much!

  • leahreallyitis

    oh thank you babe! yeah it is so weird that the regulars have dropped off LOL but I have seen a few that have made appearance TSH(Team Space Heater) just made an appearance on another post OhEdward I have seen on here too as well just too name a few and I will miss it SO much!

  • leahreallyitis

    you can call me Leah it makes it easier :P and yeah what a ride it was and thats right as long as we have the books and audio books and the DVDS and yep it can be a twilight world for us all over again thru all the books the movie(that we have) and I saw Twilight the other night on the FX channel :D

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Oh she is beautifl. Even some critics have been praising her performance which I am glad. But yyes this poor child gets so much unfair grief while other girls who pretty much act like know it alls r treated like princesses . I do not care what anyone not even my sister says about her she is a beautiful strong young lady with talent and spunk. She may not be perfect but she’s fucking good. She is bella. Last night when I was looking at my archive book and saw a picture of her with rob in one of the old twilight photos I said to them “I promise no matter what happens to u guys. Together apart. Neutral. I will always follow you and ill never give up on u. Especially u kristen I don’t care what happened this year I still love u and ill never turn my back on u ever” then I kissed it and close my book. A bit weird right

  • Lill

    I think it’s pathetic that a hater would go see a film that the main protagonist is the person you dislike .
    But when I went to see BD2 the crowd erupted with applause when Kristen’s name appeared in the credits.
    In my third viewing a man out of all people shouted a nasty word and then out of know where a woman got out of her seat and told him off it was awesome everyone cheered for the woman and the man stayed quite like a little wimp that he is .

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Ok I’m not really expecting anyone to read this or make a comment but I do want to be fran(k about something. The big battle scene will forever be imprinted as one of my most shocking experiances watching a twilight film. I thought that was the case with the birth scene in the recent film but I was wrong. I had not the slightest idea on how I was gonna react. I dint think it was gonna be this bad but it threw me in a loop. I had to close my eyes half the time but then I couldn’t. I just couldn’t keep away. It was unbelievable. This was even scarier and more graphic then all the deaths from the hunger games(don’t tell the fans. Even though I like thg too) and more traumatizing then deathy hallows (heaven forbid do not tell those hp fans either). Honestly seriously it really disturbed me to no end but them once I found out it was fake my heart did a flip side and I just screamed out “oh my god thank the lord” thank the lord is right and I just busted out laughing al the way. But u know something all that shock and suspense was what really made breaking dawn part two a really great movie even a nonfan would agree to that. Bill stephanie and yes our fav person melissa were really smart doing this bc it needed to happen. But at the same time I’m glad it wasn’t real. Well done guys well done

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Good for her I would do the same too except I would have been worse I would have thrown him out

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Even though it was downright scary and traumatizing it was still really epic and that’s what truly made it a great movie

  • Overally_Obsessed_Twihard

    I loved this! I love seeing how much work and effort the put in :) The battle looked amazing

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    It was tramatic when I saw it first, even though I knew it was Alices vision it was still hard to see Carlisle and Jasper die and the wolves to.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Your not blabbling, thats what this site is for talk Twilight to people who get it. I never get enough, I’m just taking it all in and plan to wallow in it for as long as I can.

  • ryder

    I said that when I saw Bella’s small leather wrist cuff with the Cullen crest on it, a miniature of the one the boys all wear. She had it on at the battle when she led Renesmee away from Aro. I found joy in little details like that and Esme wearing the same bracelet she wore in Twilight. I saw it when she was hanging in the gorge. I wish Alice had worn the choker from the first 2 films, but I read that Ashley took it home with her. Of course they could’ve made a new one. Oh well, it was an incredible movie. My only complaint. It was too short. It felt so rushed. I wanted more, more, more . . .

  • ryder

    Definitely, I can never get enough. That was my only complaint. I wanted more!!!!

  • ryder

    Flippy is no more! Robert definitely conquered his fear of running that he had in Twilight.

  • Mary Masen

    Yes! I cried every time I watched that part. It was so horrifying & traumatizing!

  • TeamSpaceHeaters-Paulex[Mar09]

    Beautiful, love it.

  • TeamSpaceHeaters-Paulex[Mar09]

    Oh sweetie none of us gave up on the saga, I still come on here to check the news every now and again, i just dont have the time to comment like i used to. Life took over, job took over and think that’s the same with most people. It’s a shame and I know back in the day it was such a laugh….maybe the end of an era will bring some of the golden oldies out of the wood work again. I miss it too!

  • Switzerland

    Ryder! I, TOO, noticed Bella-s Cullen Crested cuff!!! Those little details make a BIG difference to us Twihards!!!

  • Switzerland

    Yes, Catherine Hardwicke did the most A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. job EVER for the casting! This is why I hold a special place in my heart for the first film….casting actors that mostly did indie work really made a difference….you can see their dedication to the craft as opposed to many of the actors that over do it in big Hollywood films…..does that make sense? Or as an odd sports reference, my father and brothers (HUGE sports fans) prefer to watch college sports as opposed to professional sports because they say there is a BIG difference because the college kids play for the game, not for the fame! The only sports I watch are when the Cullens are playing :-)

  • Switzerland

    Oh, how sweet! Twilight is MY favorite, too! I was SO glad they invited CH to the premiere….she so deserved to be there and I LOVED how Bill Condon really used some of CH-s “techniques” in BD2! CONGRATS to you on getting her autograph and the cast-s!!!! Yes, sad about Rachelle and Cam not being there :-(

  • Switzerland

    Ryder, thank you for your “blabbing”—your posts are so heart-warming and it is nice to know there are “older” fans posting on this site (I am 31, but feel like I should be 13 since I am soooo obsessed with Twilight!)…..I am SOOOO enamored with the first movie….I watch it most nights before I go to bed…my FAVORITE scenes that I re-wind constantly are: the Golden Onion scene, the Claire du Lune/Tree climbing scene, the meadow, the make-out scene, and the Flightless Bird/Prom scene…the prom scene is the one that makes me cry because I think in that moment Edward and Bella REALLY look like how I imagined them and I thought that Rob and Kristen REALLY and TRULY delivered those lines…I mean, when Kristen says, I DREAM ABOUT BEING WITH YOU FOREVER, and then NO ONE WILL SURRENDER TONIGHT….I get CHILLS!!!! Oh! I could go on and on and on….I am still GRIEVING that this is all “over”…I feel like Bella when she says I DREAM ABOUT BEING WITH YOU FOREVER….Well, I DREAM ABOUT BEING WITH TWILIGHT FOREVER and I WILL NOT SURRENDER!!!! I will think of you all when I am watching this tonight……

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Whatever it is u r doing with ur daughter keep it up bc u r bringing up a remarkable human being

  • leahreallyitis

    hey woman! *hugs* thank you so much!

  • leahreallyitis

    oh good I was beginng too think LOL that everyone ditched oh I understand about RL with work and what not that is for sure I am so glad..and what ya think of Taylor sporting a scruffy look I guess Rob has started a trend I must say *wink*

  • leahreallyitis

    oh my god wow CH was there that’s so cool! and yeah I wish Rachelle and Cam were there too I love them both and Rachelle IS the one and only Victoria and always will be in my heart and soul love her <3

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