Breaking Dawn Part 2 Tickets

Beautiful Breaking Dawn Ticket from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina: Praskozorje

Breaking Dawn Ticket Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Check out this beautiful Breaking Dawn Part 1 ticket a reader from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina sent in!

Or, as it is named there-Sumrak Saga: Praskozorje!

It’s easy to forget what a truly global phenomenon this is- I love these custom printed tickets! What a nice keepsake!

[thanks, Sejla!]


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  • Ash McPerk

    Love it!  The whole world is counting down :-)

  • Anonymous

    yup…we in Bosnia are counting down too…and i have my ticket for the midnight premiere :) ))) can’t wait!!!

  • Anonymous

    oh..and in the title you put “Saravejo” and it  is Sarajevo :) )

  • BMF_TeamDaddyward

    ti si iz bosne? koji dio tocno?

  • Edwardian Lady

    and a neighbour-fan from Croatia also has her ticket for a week now and is counting the days til midnight premiere on Wendsday  …. :-)

  • Anonymous

    I mi iz Srbije brojimo dane :D

  • Duna5b

    The most BEAUTIFUL city in the world…SARAJEVO….born and raised there and miss it so much. The Twilight Saga is HUGE is ex Yugoslavia.

  • Will

    Thanks! Fixed the typo.

  • Anonymous

    ja sam iz Tuzle ;)

  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    I’m from the States, so very curious – all those who watch in other countries, do the subtitles and/or dub voices annoy you, or take away from the film when watching?

  • luce

    Ja sam iz Zagreba, utorak na srijedu jedva čekam :*

  • luce

    u dont read subtitles, we all know english :)

  • Anonymous

    We have just subtitles for films, tnx God, I hate dub. It
    depends of translation if it’s annoying or no, so I like more to watch with
    English subtitles rather than Serbian.

    For example, there’s no way to watch British or Irish films without subtitle.

    In Belgrade premiere is at November 20 :(

  • BMF_TeamDaddyward

    aha…nice =)…pitam koji dio jer imam tamo rodbinu pa ih znam posjetiti


    i ja isto!!

  • BMF_TeamDaddyward

    well, since you ask, I shall answer lol….over here, we have just the subtitles put over the movie…thank god the voices are normal…I would go crazy if they would dub them over… I love hearing rob’s voice, american or british….but like ivanitza says, I most likely watch it with english subtitles or with no subtitles at all….

  • BMF_TeamDaddyward

    people are waiting all around the world, counting down the days, just to finally see this movie…gotta love that….=)

  • Sejla

    No velcome!!! I’m hardly wait for the movie premiere!n cinema will be some Twilight coctel party before the movie!I will take a picture and send to You on wednesday….

  • Anonymous

    it seems like the macedonian cinemas are going to be the only ones that wont show breaking dawn… now its not fair, is it?! :(

  • TeamJacobFerrLife<3

    That Ticket Is B-E-A-U-TIFUL! ! ! Mine All Ready To Go to The Midnight Premiere In My Jewelery Bow<3

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