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Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone & Kellan Lutz Arrive Back In Vancouver!

Ashley Greene (aka Alice Cullen) and Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Hale) arrived back in Vancouver to finish filming Breaking Dawn on April 19th!

Kellan Lutz (aka Emmett Cullen) was photographed at LAX leaving for Vancouver with Annalynne McCord on April 20th!

They’re still filming!  Aw… I love seeing Ashley and Jackson together.  *sigh*

Are Kellan and Annalynne back together?

[Source: Zimbio. Thanks H.N.!]

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  • 5/09 LWNV – CHASKE felt my A$$

    I love you Jackson!!!!

    Ashley I love you too BUT I FLOVE YOU JACKSON!!!

  • SEClovesrob

    Aww I love it

  • Kristin

    I don’t know why EVERYONE keeps on leaving then going back then leaving. Why not just stay there the whole time instead of leaving every few days just for a few days?

  • Anonymous

    Yeaheee Alice and Jasper back together to film, woo hoo. And i love kellan as much as the next person, but he has weird toes, their like another set of fingers. I swear, there where weird at that cochella thing he went too. >:-Z. But i love him to pieces reguardless. What is he doing back with that fake poser, shes all for the paps. id say she calls them when shes out in town, just to get in a magazine, she might look like it “annoys” her but it does’nt, kellan deserves better than that tramp, shes just like her character naomi, a user and attention stealer. >=/.

  • Anonymous

    (screams) YES, YES, YES! Jackson got his sexy hair back, from the 1st Twilight movie. O.M.G, I loved loved loved his hair in that. Very sexy as a blond, i must say.
    But what doesnt look good on him, he could just wear a damn towel and he’d still look…. Oh My God, 8-p.

  • JellyEllyBelly

    I think Kristen is still in Vancouver. She was supposed to go back after the WFE premier. Aww Kellan, I hope that him and Annalynne are back together <3 She is so pretty. And OMG Ashley I LOVE HER

  • Anonymous

    Jackson and Ashley… cute together, if only…..but Annalynne? idk

  • MirandaThewolfgirl20102

    I love his hair too. It’s nice to see him and Ashley together because they are a cute couple.:)

  • MirandaThewolfgirl20102

    Hey chicks guess what I’m going to Florida tomorrow! :) Wish me luck

  • 30yearoldtwifan

    I agree! I guess they fly so much it’s like driving too us middle class people. Few hours in a plane every week no big deal. lol

  • memyself&i

    ashley and jackson looking GOOOD together! love them both<3

  • Anonymous

    I hope Kellan and Annalyne are back together, they make a really great couple and go together :)
    Annalynne is fab in 90210, the only reason I watch

  • BreakingDawn

    oooo my jackshley <3

  • Tillytara1

    ashley and jackson are great toegther why cant they see that…please can you alreadi get toegther

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