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After Party Photos from the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Premiere in LA!

Here are photos from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 after party in LA! The photos of the cast were in the VIP area. Yeah I wasn’t invited in there. :(

The other photos were mine I took of the room. IT. WAS. AMAZING! They tied in every film in the decoration of the tent. It was so beautiful! My favorite was the wedding area. So lovely. OH! And the gazebo from Twilight! They had a lot of ‘meadows’ with real grass! Everyone was taking photos lying in it. I was afraid if I laid down I wouldn’t get up. LOL! There was an engagement like photo of Bella and Edward. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that photo! His hair is so long! Mullet Edward! LOL!

Enjoy the photos!

[source: Pattinsonlife, kstewartfans, zimbio and me!]

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  • mj1981

    woa! Kristen and Nikki…thats a surprise! :)

  • Lill

    I hope you had a fantastic time Japat , I love all the pictures !!!!!
    I have to admit I was a bit shocked when I saw Kristen and Nikki together but whatever .

  • 5ctBauble

    Jaypat, you went to twilight heaven!!! Lol

  • Louise

    I’m really glad their together. They used to D good friends.

  • S

    Why aren’t they friends any more? What happened between them?

  • WastedGirl

    There is that jacket again!
    I want it sooo bad!
    In any dang color! lol

    Looks like you had a great time there!
    Thanks for posting all the pics!

  • K2☼_BD2♀TR♣QotD♦MB♂HO2M

    I think it went down like this… Rob was dating Nikki during Twilight. Rob broke up with Nikki to date Kristen. Nikki’s feelings got hurt and supposedly she called paps on R&K in Italy during NM and from there it created a bit of chaos. It’s nice to see they’re trying though to move past it and be adults…bad choices from all three happened then and now that everyone’s happy helps :) if I’m way off, I’m sure someone knows better… :)

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