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15 New HQ ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Stills!

Here are 15 new HQ Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills!

Bella and Edward! Bella and Jacob! Bella and Charlie! I love them all!

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  • Nickyw82

    I really have no words.. These photos are bringing home the fact that it really is almost the end now! I am so emotional about it, and not many people except my fellow twihard fans understand where I am coming from. It feels like a very important part of my life is coming to an end.. But these photos are absolutely gorgeous!! The cottage looks spot on, Bella looks amazing, can’t wait for the arm wrestling scene (hee hee, been waiting for this one!), and finally all the cottage scenes will surely leave all of us breathless. On the bright side, Ashley Greene is scheduled to come to South Africa at the end of October to promote the film, so hopefully I will get to meet her? We need to cherish each of these moments now until the final film is released.. they will be memories that we can all look back upon with fondness as the years go by! Final comment… I really hope that the promotions for the film won’t be akward as predicted by so many people. I want all of this to end on a high note for both the fans and the actors… xxx

  • Mary Masen

    They are all perfect! And just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better!
    Edward & Bella are so cute together, and that shot of Bella and Charlie! Aww!
    *Jasper put his weird look on. Maybe it from when he’s reading Bella’s emotions right after she wakes up!
    Rosalie and Emmett<3 probably giving some advice to Edward and Bella about how not to bring down their house on the first day. LOL
    Charlie and Renesmee – I wonder what would the movie version of Charlie think about Nessie since in the movie she's growing so much faster that she does in the book.
    The cottage looks very very pretty! I'd love to live there. And that closet full of clothes! Alice!

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    We completely understand. x

  • SIlence’s Voice

    Oh my! Bella and Charlie!! I am crying right now (yep, I’m a crying baby), so imagine in the movie… I will see it all blurry!!! ;P
    Love them all ^.^

  • MrsVampire

    gorgeous. Bella and Edward looks so cute. Their house is awesome.

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Hello guys I’m all settled now and ready to indulge these pictures. I know a lot of u are going through a roller coaster of emotions including me to be honest. But however over the past two years I have been working on some really interesting fanfiction on the cullen family and recently I’m writing some involving the characters from hp and thg to unite them as a family. And I just want to say if anyone is interested in reading some of my stories my email is at [email protected]. I have about ten so far on my harddrive and will b working on some more while I balance school.
    Just wanted to put it out there to cheer u up and for fun

  • mirandathevampgirl
  • Mousie

    these are really great!! I’m super excited & sad for November to come!! I loved this series, Books & Movies… I will miss it … TEAM JACOB!!

  • K2☼_Cosmo♥BD2♀TR♣QotD♦MB♂

    You can read mine too, click on my user name. It’s fun huh? :)

  • nostalking

    Looks like the director really understands the story. All the stills are gorgeous. This will be the perfect ending to the series. Best of luck to all and thanks for the hard work, your fans greatly appreciate it.

  • hot_for_rob

    Kristen looks sooooo tiny in the closet pic……love the pic of Bella and Charlie….another cute father and daughter moment

  • mirandathevampgirl

    what is your e-mail address so i can send u my first story

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Nickyw82, I feel the same way about the Saga. It’s been a big part of my life to over the last 4 yrs and through Twilight I found this wonderful site of Will’s to share my love of all things Twilight with others that love it as much as I do. I also got to meet some special ladies, my Twi-sisters during Mrs Edward Cullen’s Re-reads for Twilight almost 2 yrs ago now.Its going to be happy and sad all at the same time at the end of the final film. We all want it to go out as you said on a high note for everyone and be able to look back on it as a very special time in our lives.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I’m glad that BC did the last 2 film he’s gets Twilight.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I’m loving all the pics there so perfect. Its really starting to sink in that we’re close to end now.

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Hey there would u like for me to send u one of my fannfiction stories? What’s ur email so I can send you one or two if u like

  • jule**

    SO HAPPY Charlie seems to be fully included in the movie!!! We’ve been discussing this recently with the re-read and i cant wait to see how this all plays out on the big screen.
    This saga has been a big part of my life for over 3 years now (yes, i was a late bloomer lol) and im so sad that its coming to an end.
    As much as I love this entire saga, I must say my feeling towards bella really have changed. I adore her as the vunerable human living in a supernatural world – i know this is just me but she loses some of that apeal when her transformation takes place. I think i just wanted a little more time with her and Edward. She went from teenager finishing high school to mum, wife, immortal and superhero. Our ability to relate to bella lessens when her transformation takes place, a well deserved transformation which is inevitable to her character development, however, the tone on the book changes for me after the change. it ends on a great note though, ive said it countless times that my favourite part of nearly the whole series is at the end of BD when B&E are at home in those final pages and bella removes the shield from her mind allowing edward to read her thoughts. It takes us back to the innocence, vunerability, and over all, the initial appeal which has made this saga what it is today…..irrevocable love.
    although the special effects werent the best, kudos to catherine hardwicke. Twilight was an epic and raw movie which i think has done the best job at capturing all that is dear to me about the twilight saga!!
    ahhh…will this emotion ever end lol!!!
    Also, without these websites, where would be be lol!!!
    Thank you for this journey, it ponders me to question…what is it about twilight that has captured the world?? there’s an underlying current that is yet to be identified, we know the love story, the vampires, e&j def draw the people in, but underneith that….where is the appeal coming from. Particularly as an adult, this pull this saga has on me is more then a perfect man….if i ever work this out i’ll definatelt be sharing my thoughts.

  • ifonly2011

    I see what you mean about the tone of the book changing and how you see and identify with Bella changing too. Her becoming a vampire I suppose was inevitable for a happy ending to occur (plus it’s a reoccurring theme from twilight lol) but I saw it as extension of how wonderful the saga is and also closure. When Bella removes her shield in the film I don’t think they’ll be a dry eye in the house…soooo looking forward to that :)
    I wonder if the pull of the saga is because at the outset anyone of us could be Bella…we all fantasize that it could happen to us, yet we know it won’t if you see what I mean?! :)

  • ifonly2011

    Yeah for me too. Have you bought your tickets yet? I haven’t, it’s on my to do list :)

  • vanquish13

    That Bella and Edward pic where he’s holding her face…is just so damn sweet. That’s the Bella and Edward of Twilight..and reminds me why I love this saga so much.

  • MrsVampire

    right;) This image is really sweet. Second, in the dressing room too. both are so sexy.

  • ryder

    They all look so perfect. I can’t really explain it, but, I get a real Twilight feel from these pictures. It’s a feeling I haven’t had in a while. Don’t ge me wrong, as you know, I have always been super excited and anxious for the films to be released, but that special “magic” just didn’t seem to be there for me when it came to New Moon and Eclipse. The thrilling action and heartfelt longing I felt in Twilight seems to reach off the screen with these photos. Bella is gorgeous, ( I love her hair), Edward looks sexy, and frightening, yet passionate, Jacob’s all grown up, and Grandpa Charlie’s got himself a pretty lady love. It’s come full-circle, and Carter Burwell makes it extraordinary.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Oh, yes I got mine for the marathon 10 hrs of Twi-happiness. I stayed up and got mine @ MN when they went on sell. I wanted to make sure I got them before they sold out.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I would love to read it. I’m a little leary of leaving my email posted on public bog thou.

  • TeamFire&Ice

    Just came to me that the still with Bella and Edward in the cottage closet… Could be from the end of the book where she pulls her shield back to show him her memories.
    Idk. Just based on how happy they look and she is wearing similar pants and shoes as she does in the snow scenes.
    Regardless, I hope they do that scene justice. It’s the end, all the pieces are in place and we get to see them start their happily ever after, forever.

  • twihard

    I agree!!!

  • Bridget Brown

    Nickyw82 – totally understand but yet I am sososososososososososo excited 4 BD pt2 to come out, i mean we can always reread them and read/write fanfics right?

  • Lia Afandy Dunkz


  • Lia Afandy Dunkz


  • Czar Pamplona

    when i watched the latest trailer, my tears just fell!
    i almost wept aloud but i’m not in our house…my heart just ached knowing it really is the end. i just know that from the start of twilight saga, i’ve been a hardcore and faithful fan! no movie has ever made me cry, yet by just watching the trailer, my tears fell.
    so sad that i decided to watch it on cinemas alone, so i’ll cry all i want without being too conscious!

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